Deepest, darkest night

It’s late in the night,

that strange hour without a name.

Long after midnight, not quite dawn.

A time for times gone by.

I startle awake, consumed by

a deep, nameless fear I cannot name.

Nebulous, unformed thoughts

hover at the edge of my mind.

Dark, shapeless, formless,

yet fighting to take form.

Memories that are hard to face now,

in the deep, dark, recesses of the night.

Perhaps not even, in the false courage

of bright daylight.

They drift past, rapidly, randomly,

like dark rain clouds on a wet, stormy day.

Crashing into one another, taking form,

and losing shape in the blink of an eye.

They are bittersweet, these memories,

of times, and people, long gone by.

Moments I can never recapture,

times I can never live in again.

I reach out, but cannot capture them

no matter how hard I try.


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