Thank you Lord


Thank you Lord
For moments such as these
Quiet and tranquil
Overflowing with ease

I look up from my device
Stare fleetingly at the green
Then bend down again
A slave to my machine

I can feel my heart’s rhythm
Slowly picking up its pace
It’s hard Oh Lord
To stay still in one place

The ticking of the clock
Metaphoric of course
Rules all my moments
With barely a pause

Teach me Oh Lord
To sit back and let be
To not feel so guilty
When I take life slowly

And here’s a message Oh Lord
To friends reading these lines
It’s ok, please don’t worry
I really, truly am fine

Because my words, though born
from my innermost thoughts
Do also reflect
My minds creative plots

And as I sit here
Not looking at this beautiful view
There’s a question my Lord
That I’ll put to you

How is it that a simple thank you
Has zigged and has zagged
And ended, so very far
From the place it was meant to?


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