Eyes closed, I try to sleep
But I can’t do it
My mind runs in different directions
And failing
To hold on to my errant thoughts
Like a hamster on its wheel
It runs in circles
No beginning
No end

School supplies
My girls
Books read and reading
Films and gossip
Grocery lists
Fused bulbs
Dripping taps
News, views
Everything vies
For a piece of me

I lie in bed
Heart racing
To the sounds around me
Cars on the highway
The creak of the door
The whir of the fan
Falling rain
Rustling sheets
The beating of my heart
Every sound is magnified
In the dark

Until one sound impinges
Above all the others
Deep breathing
Beside me
I scoot towards the source
Mumbling in your sleep
You instinctively 
Pull me closer
My breathing slows
My eyes drift close
And at last
I sleep.


2 thoughts on “Sleepless

  1. I love…

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