“Why are your books scattered all over the place?”

Yell I in my little ones not-so-innocent face

“Because I was reading them” she smirks back at me

“She’s incorrigible”, I tell my husband, quite helplessly.

And then, as I get ready to launch my tirade,

she moves rapidly, in a commando style raid.

Before I know it, the books are all gone

Vanished, disappeared, like the moon at dawn

All this done without a single tear or a whine

It almost feels like there was intervention divine

I look around, amazed at how pristine it all looks

and quite contrarily, long again for those scattered books.

Because, at the very moment, as I watched her clear

My mind jumped ahead to a time not yet near

When I will look around me, and find uncluttered rooms

Devoid of books, toys or her mysterious gear

And then I will wish she was there to lighten the gloom

With her mess, her clutter, her mile-wide  smile,

Teasing, cajoling, laughing all the while.

So I call out to her, she turns in my direction

Wondering what will be, the next source of contention

I hold out my arms, “Forget about the muddle,

the heck with clutter, let’s both just cuddle!”


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