Letting go and holding on


When I was young
I always wondered
why you didn’t want
to see us go away.
I thought
you were being
and much too
Not ready to
let us go, to fly and to soar
Though you did let go

But this morning
my alarm rang
and I realized
it was time to send
my first born
on her way
to her very first camp
As my heart beat
in panic, as my hands
grew clammy and cold
as I bravely pinned on
an encouraging smile
to keep her bold,
I understood,
really and truly
what you felt, and
what you went through.

Deep in the depths
of my heart I knew
that this was
just the beginning
The first of many
such separations
Each one longer
each one more difficult
for me, each one
somewhat easier for her
And I knew
that the day will come
when that umbilical cord
between our hearts
will stretch thin,
so thin that it will be
beyond my power
to pull her holding it

And then the only
hope I have, is that
just as you, my mother
understood the power
of letting go,
and left me free to fly
so will I, your daughter,
let my daughter go.
Believing that
no matter how far she flies
she will hold on to me
as I have held on to you.


2 thoughts on “Letting go and holding on

  1. Too Touching!

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