Waiting at the school gate


It’s been only a few hours
since I waved you goodbye
at the school gates
I watched you walk away
turning to wave at the last minute
a sleepy grin splitting your face
“See you later mom!”

It’s been a normal day so far
procrastinating over the gym
running errands, paying bills
writing, a little reading
catching up with the world
but amidst all the activity
I still found time to miss you.

And now it’s two o clock
time to pick you up
I walk up to your classroom
peeking in to get a glimpse
of this other world you live in
I see you with your friends
studying, laughing, having fun.

The class ends and you walk out
caught up in a flurry
of school bags and homework
and goodbyes and talk.
You see me and we both smile
You’re happy to be done for the day
And I? I’m just happy
to take you home again.


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