Night at the airport


Don’t you just love
finding yourself
late at night
early in the morning
in a dark silent airport?

As you look around
there are few people
to be seen
in those vast
cavernous spaces.

Some sit there
fighting sleep
while others lie
not comfortably
on rows of chairs.

People amble along
slowly but purposefully
no need to jostle
in these wide
open spaces.

There are few places open
a Starbucks
a bookstore
a pharmacy
not much more.

Night alert employees
sit relaxed and chatting
waiting for that one
elusive customer
to wander in.

This space
which during the day
churns with restless
crackling energy
is quiet now.

But there is
a sense of expectation
an underlying buzz
like in a restive
humming beehive.

And everything here
seems to rest
as it waits
for the crowds
to come again.


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