Going home


The plane taxis
along the long runway
and in the distance
city lights twinkle
beckoning, calling me
to come back,
back to the place
where I once belonged.

The plane takes off
and now those lights
are spread out below me
an infinite, gleaming
glittering blanket
lying over
my once city.

From this high up
their glow is
somewhat muted,
and as they rapidly
fade away,
they seem to say
goodbye, goodbye
come back soon again.

And now the plane
has travelled far
and all I can see
are a few twinkling stars
lighting the way
as we fly high, high
into the dark night sky.

And the way
that they show
is the way to go home.
But this home
is not the same
as the one I left behind,
back in that city
of bright, shining lights.

This home is distant
in a far away place
This home I found
when I chased a dream
and wandered far,
far from the city
where I once had been.

And even though
each new city
finds place in my heart,
deep within me
I am always torn apart,
caught between
a rock and a stone
between these two places
that I call home.


1 thought on “Going home

  1. Hmmm…I know this feeling…you’re capturing a lot of what many of us feel, Rush.

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