For My Daughter(s)




As I sit here in this room

I miss the sound of your voices

Raised in laughter



Just for a while

You are my happily ever after.


As you walk into the room

I look at you

Sometimes poised

Sometimes graceful


All arms and legs

Not quite fitting into your skin

I remember that baby girl

Whose smile could light up my world.

 It still does


I look at you and wonder

Who is this amazing creature

Did she really come from me

Am I all that she needs

I know I’m not

Already she is moving away

Her horizons expand

Like a Venn diagram

We don’t intersect as much as we used to


As I sit here at night

Watching you sleep

I miss the sound of your laughter

Your giggles

Your snorts

Just for some more time

My little ones

Remain my happily ever after